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The Wall Of Camera’s

The Wall Of Camera’s 8 August, 20111 Comment


Hello all,

We have just recently added the wall of camera’s, its basically 24 of the most popular webcam’s live. So you can basically rather than having to browse through random camera’s you will be able to view 24 of them live on one page. Pretty much like your own security centre.

Your probably saying which camera’s are on the wall. There is everything from a driving range camera to a telesales office in Gainsville, United States.

We have also added the ability of to share a comment with other great camera’s you have found just below the wall, using a great Facebook plugin. We are certainly not limited to 24 camera’s, but we just didn’t want you to be overwhelmed by “to many camera’s”.

Once again if you have anything you might like to add of feel something should be changed just let me know by leaving a comment below. If you found this useful be sure to share it for other users to enjoy.

Be sure to check out the camera I will be using soon with Amazon, it will be either the Microsoft LifeCam VX-700 or the Logitech 720p Webcam Pro 9000. I plan to somehow attach it to a wireless modem and broadcast myself life to the world! Stay tuned for my blog post on that!

That’s all for now “Stay Random”

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