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Live Camera Of Hurricane Irene

Live Camera Of Hurricane Irene 26 August, 2011

Hurricane Irene is on its way!

Officials from North Carolina to New York have declared states of emergency with millions of people under threat from Hurricane Irene. The massive storm is expected to cause widespread flooding and power cuts as it leaves a trail of destruction in 115-mile-an-hour winds. Tens of thousands of people have been ordered to higher ground. Global Radio News reporter Frederick Bernas is in Manhattan.

Irene is currently in course to strike North Carolina Saturday evening, then continue northward to the New York City area. Accuweather is currently reporting, Such a path would lead to severe impacts that could prompt officials to force evacuations. All residents and visitors in the path of Irene should heed these orders if issued and prepare homes and businesses for Irene’s onslaught in the meantime.

Here at Watch This Cam we have been searching for camera’s from North Carolina mainly. As you can see from the satellite image below that it will be hitting there quite soon!

North Carolina Hurricane Irene


Did you know?

In less than a 4 week period in 1992, two major hurricanes hit the United States leaving an unprecedented array of devastation. First Hurricane Andrew pounded Florida and Louisiana to become the most expensive natural disaster in US history with damage estimates in the range of $15 billion to $30 billion. Then 3 weeks later, Hurricane Iniki affected three Hawaiian islands resulting in over $1 billion in damage, particularly in Kauai.

Eighteen of the 54 direct deaths attributed to Hurricane Andrew occurred during the recovery phase. Of those identified, eight were stress-induced heart attacks, three were either people falling in damaged buildings or hit by debris while cleaning up, and two were children who died in fires in damaged homes.

On the average, 10 tropical cyclones develop in the North Atlantic each year. Of these, six may strengthen to hurricane proportion, of which two are likely to strike the coast of the United States.

Hurricane winds in the northern hemisphere circulate in a counterclockwise motion around the hurricane’s center or “eye,” while hurricane winds in the southern hemisphere circulate clockwise.

The Galveston, Texas, hurricane in 1900 was the natural disaster that resulted in the most deaths in United States history. This hurricane took 6,000 lives.

Here is a live cam from North Carolina, Shallotte, United States. 

Hurricane Irene Cam
Hurricane Irene Cam

We have also found another live cam from North Carolina in Stella, United States. 

Hurricane Irene Cam 2


All in all will America be prepared for this hurricane? Lets hope so!

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