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Update! Hurricane Irene Is On The Way To New York. Live Camera’s From New York.

Update! Hurricane Irene Is On The Way To New York. Live Camera’s From New York. 27 August, 20112 Comments

People Preparing for Hurricane Irene

Are you prepared for Irene? 

 New York is braced for the worst as Irene threatens the city with its first hurricane in decades. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered the evacuation of low-lying areas and, for the first time ever, has shut the subway and bus systems from noon today. The storm is expected to make landfall on Long Island tomorrow.

President Barack Obama has returned to the White House in Washington, cutting short his holiday in Martha’s Vineyard one day early. He has urged residents in affected areas to heed evacuation notices and hurricane warnings, and has signed a state of emergency declaration for New York. “Don’t wait, don’t delay,” he said.

People Preparing for Hurricane Irene
Hurricane Irene To Hit New York

Hurricane Irene is about to hit North Carolina. Winds of around 90mph are already thrashing the shoreline. Irene has been downgraded to a category 1 hurricane, but there is still a significant risk of structural damage and flooding to the areas it hits. More than two million people along the east coast of the United States have been told to move inland. There are reports of structural damage in Beaufort and Tyrrell counties in North Carolina. Landfall of the first hurricane to hit the mainland since 2008 is expected in the next half-hour.

Bloomberg said that it was “very conceivable” he will order a mandatory evacuation of all low-lying “Zone A” areas of the city, which includes Coney Island, the Rockaways and Battery Park City.

“The storm is predicted to be very dangerous,” the mayor said.

After Irene ravaged the Bahamas and set its wicked eye on the Carolina coastline, city and state officials were busy preparing for the worst:

New York


Amtrak has cancelled all train services in the northeastern corridor. More than 8,000 flights have been cancelled.

We have managed to get a few camera’s just outside New York. As you can see below in the camera in Hamilton, United States.

Live Cam in Hamilton,United States
Hurricane Cam 3

It’s not looking to bad at the moment however, lets see how it progresses!

We have two more camera’s below. One is from Delmar, United States the other is by Rochester, United States. Its is looking quite gloomy lets hope the camera’s stay in tact when Irene hits!.

Rochester,United States
Hurricane Cam 4
Rochester,United States
Hurricane Cam 5


Here is one more from Mamaroneck in United States!


Cam outside Delmar,United States
Hurricane Cam 6

Whatever happens lets hope that Hurricane Irene does not do to much damage!

Good Luck All,

The Watch This Cam Team



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