So you want to buy a webcam?

So you want to buy a webcam? 29 August, 2011

 Webcam Guide

Buying a webcam these days can be considerably difficult with the wide range of webcam’s available to the public. Here at Watch This Cam we have a wide range of experience ranging from street cam’s to USB camera’s.

A webcam is a small camera that works in the same manner as a video camera but with images that can be accessed via the internet, instant messaging or with video conferencing applications.

What features should you look for?

Here are some of the characteristics you should look for on a webcam:

  • Frames per second – Arguably the most important aspect of a webcam are the number of frames per second that are recorded – which determines the image quality. Generally the speed at which images move will be much poorer than on a video camera or a digital camera, even if you have a high-speed internet connection. You should pick up a webcam that records at least 30 frames per second but also bear in mind that it is not just the webcam that determines the quality of the images – slow modems, internet traffic and more can all be contributing factors.
  • Resolution and colour – Webcam resolutions are usually between 160×120 or 320×240 pixels. Higher quality cameras can be picked up with resolutions at 640×480 or above. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution the better the quality of image you should expect. However, it is often a good idea to pick out a camera that will adjust to variable lighting and conditions in order to adjust the picture as you need it.
  • Digital zoom – The ability to zoom in on something specific. An optical zoom will actually change the lens position, but a digital zoom merely increases and decreases the size of an area.
  • Camera control – Some cameras will allow you to tilt and pan, and others will include a manual focus.
  • Video conferencing – Some webcams come with video conferencing capabilities such as lighting and real-time enhancements. You will need video conferencing support from applications such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, Skype and more.
  • Portable – Usually this is as simple as a clip on the webcam that means it can be hooked on to laptops.
  • Microphone – Many webcams come with in-built microphones so you can enjoy live conversations as you view and chat.
Webcam’s we recommend

Logitech Webcam C500 with 1.3MP Video and Built-in Microphone [Retail Packaging]


This great little camera has got hundred of fantastic review.  It is not only popular around the world, but it is also popular here in Watch This Cam’s office. You can purchase this great little camera on Amazon for as little as $10.95. For the quality and usability it provides this a great buy, 5 Stars. 





Labtec Webcam 1200

Labtec 1200

Next up we have the Labtec Webcam 1200,  it is not as highly rates as the Logitech but still is a great competitor. It would not be our first choice, however if you were looking for something cheap and easy to use this is your answer. There has been quite a few negative reviews about this camera, however don’t let that put you off. We have tried and tested it ourselves and are quite content. Fits nicely on top of your PC or laptop. All in all 3 stars.


We will add more reviews and related webcam reviews soon. For now if you’re looking for a cheap easy webcam those two would be our recommendations. You can purchase any of these quite cheap at Amazon

Feel free to respond with your own personal experience.


The Watch This Cam Team