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The Weather In Myrtle Beach

The Weather In Myrtle Beach 31 August, 20111 Comment

The Weather In Myrtle Beach

It is great being able to check what the weather is like in a certain place right? Sure you can check the forecast for the day, you could even ask a friend.

Would it not be easier if you could check what the weather was like before you went to the beach? Here at Watch This Cam we have a whole host of  “beach cam’s” available.

The most popular one we have is the Webcam in Myrtle Beach. It is a live camera just next to the beach. So if you are heading out what could be better than checking what the weather is like before you actually go down?!

The camera streams quite slow and tends to zoom in randomly to people. Next time your down there get a sign saying “I’m on Watch This Cam! ” we would be most impressed. You can find the cam for The Weather In Myrtle Beach here.

Enjoy and remember anyone could be watching you!


The Watch This Cam Team 

Click here to go to the live cam

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