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Tropical Storm Lee Live Cam

Tropical Storm Lee Live Cam 3 September, 2011

 Will US Gulf Coast Be Affected?

A state of emergency has been declared in New Orleans  as Tropical Storm Lee moves in to the Gulf Coast. 

The National Hurricane Centre said the system will dump 10 to 15in of rain over southern areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama during Sunday. We have a few live camera’s from North Carolina. Workers have also been evacuated from 16 of the 62 drilling rigs now operating in the Gulf.

The evacuations have resulted in the shut-off of 47.6% of the Gulf’s daily normal oil production and 33% of the normal daily natural gas production.

The water-logged storm is tantalizingly close to Texas, but still too far away to alleviate the state’s worst drought since the 1950s.

In Alabama, Governor Robert Bentley did not declare an emergency, but ordered state agencies to be ready to respond if needed.

Live Cam in Mandeville,United States

After the mass hysteria caused by hurricane Irene will this be a media hype? Time will tell.

We have also found this cam from Huntsville, United States

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