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Hurricane “Katia” Live Cam Update

Hurricane “Katia” Live Cam Update 9 September, 2011

A live update for Hurricane Katia 09/09/11

Yet another Hurricane to create havoc as it approaches the Atlantic. It is now heading between Bermuda and Nova Scotia at 11am a.m. CDT the center of Katia was located near latitude 39.3 north, longitude 65.8 west.

On the plus side it has created a large swell which served well for the Quicksilver Pro New York. Large swells generated by Katia will continue to affect most of the East Coast of the United States and Bermuda. These swells are likely to cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions. Please consult products from your local weather service office for additional information.

A recent shot of Hurricane Katia

Katia is moving toward the northeast near 29 mph, 46 km/h, and this general motion accompanied by an increase in forward speed is expected for the next couple of days.

Weather or not it will swing North and go mainland is unknown. Although the previous Hurricane Irene didn’t cause catastrophic damage, the quiet ones are the most dangerous!

We also have two Live camera’s of Hurricane Katia. Well not exactly but it is as close as you can get. The others near it seem to be turned off or deactivated!

The cam’s are mainly of the easy coast of America.

Hurricane Katia Cam 2
Hurricane Katia Cam 1


Stay tuned for more camera’s and updates as Hurricane Katia progresses.  Let us hope it doesn’t go mainland and cause any more damage! Hurricane Katia be gental!

All the best,

The Watch This Cam Team