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Traffic Camera’s Live From Around The World

Traffic Camera’s Live From Around The World 21 September, 2011

Are you looking for one in your area?

We have been getting a lot of queries regarding traffic camera’s, for some reason people like to watch these live traffic cameras. Heck they can be interesting if your going for a trip, heading to work or even just want to see if there is any traffic in your area. Here at watch this cam we always like to keep you informed and up to date whether it be traffic camera or hurricane camera’s.

We have compiled below 3 live traffic camera’s from around the world. Now whether you will get any use from watching these is entirely up to you. If you are looking for camera’s in a specific area simply drop us a reply and we will see if we have it in our database.

We are not going to boast and say we have 1000’s of traffic cam’s.  We do have the facility to find 1000’s so if you country, state is not below just drop us a reply.


Live Traffic Cam 3 in Hauppauge, United States
Live Traffic Cam 1 in Vienna, Austria


Live Traffic Cam 2 in Bridgeport, United States

You can click any of the camera’s to go to a larger version of the traffic cam’s  

Once again if anyone has any camera’s they would like to see in their area. Just let us know. Also if anyone see’s a crash don’t forget to take a screen shot and post it below! 🙂

All the best,

The Watch This Cam Team