6 Classic Phone’s That We All Remember

6 Classic Phone’s That We All Remember 5 January, 20124 Comments

We are not just about cameras we are also interested in any technology. We have put together a nice list of old skool phones that you all remember.

🙂 Well not all of you!

  1. Motorola DynaTac 8000X - is the mobile that defined the 1980s. Every aspiring yuppie wanted to own one, even though the phone seems laughably big compared with today’s handsets. The price tag was also on the large size – almost £5,000 in present-day terms. However, the ‘greed is good’ culture of the time meant this only served to make the phone more desirable; it was as much a symbol of wealth and status as any cutting edge smartphone is now.
  2. Nokia 5110 - The 5110 was many people’s first mobile phone. Although large and heavy by today’s standards it was relatively svelte compared with the brick-sized models that had dominated the market throughout the 80s and early 90s. 
  3. Nokia 3310 - The 3310 is one of the most successful phones of all time, shifting a mind-boggling 126 million units. It helped to establish Nokia’s domination of the mobile phone market, a position they retained until relatively recently.

    A wealth of handy features were built into the phone, including a calculator, stop watch and reminder function, as well as popular games like Snake II and Space Impact; later models also had WAP functionality.

  4. Siemens A50 – This was a classic, A decent size screen and attractive design made this handset a popular alternative to similar-spec Nokia phones in the early noughties. Sure, the built-in games weren’t a patch on the mighty Snake, but the battery was just as good, lasting several days between charges.
  5. BlackBerry 6230 –  The start to the revolution that is now the BlackBerry as we know it! RIM’s devices now dominate the smartphone market but it was the humble 6230 that first got Gordon Gekko types hooked on mobile email. The phone’s amazing battery life and push email capabilities made for easy working on the go. After getting their first taste of its QWERTY keyboard goodness, many users upgraded to the equally potent BlackBerry 7230 – street name “The BlueBerry”. A dangerous new addiction took hold in the early noughties.
  6. Sony Ericsson W880- The W800 was the first Sony Ericsson phone to feature the iconic Walkman brand name. It featured some then cutting-edge media software and a 3.5mm headphone jack, making it the ideal phone for listening to MP3s. The orange and cream casing made it instantly recognisable too, but the construction quality did sometimes let it down; the joystick in particular was prone to breaking.Nevertheless, the appeal of listening to music on a mobile made it a highly popular handset. And if you ran out of room for your own tunes on the bundled Memory Stick Pro Duo, you could always fire up the superb FM radio instead.


    I’m sure you can all remember a whole other pile of great phones which have now become obsolete. In fact remember polyphonic ringtone’s and logo’s???


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