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The Downfall Of Apple – The IPhone 5

The Downfall Of Apple – The IPhone 5 26 September, 2012

Not sure if you have noticed but Apple share price has not surprisingly dropped dramatically. If you are wondering why maybe one should have a look at the new IOS 6. The geniuses(no pun intended) decided to use there brand new mapping software. Apple’s in-house mapping solution was widely anticipated following the deterioration of its relationship with Google and its acquisition of three mapping companies.

As some of you know the “mapping solution” did not live up to its name, with thousands of errors posted in the first few hours of deployment.

The most noticeable mistake was in Ireland where the “new mapping solution” misplaced an airport.  For those that don’t know there is absolutely no Airport there.

On another note Apples share price has dropped dramatically.  Here is a free screen shot 🙂

Apple share price not looking to promising.

I found it most amusing that Apple who have just spent millions developing this great mapping software and are using it to “replace” Google Maps  on the new IPhone 5 are still using Google Maps on their website! Crazy right? Check it out for yourself here, actually I will post a screen shot if you are to lazy to check it out.


Apple have quoted that the new IPhone 5 is “The biggest thing to happen to the Iphone since Iphone” and from the look of things it is!

Before I conclude have Apple fans are receiving a preview with the new iOS 6 but there is one major app absent in the new operating system: YouTube.

As Latinos Post reported, Google and Apple failed to negotiate on a new agreement to have YouTube automatically installed in Apple’s new mobile operating system (OS). Apple has also removed Google’s Maps app and StreetView capabilities.

Google has prepared ahead of time for this occasion and created a new, and free, YouTube app for the iOS 6. Although it is not yet confirmed if the new YouTube app will be compatible with the iPhone 5 just yet, but it is ready for iPhone 4S and its predecessors, the third and fourth generation iPod Touch, iPad, and compatible for the iOS 4.3 and later.

So to summarize and solely focus on the negatives if you decided to upgrade to the new IOS6 and you were lost in a desert somewhere or on a deserted island and needed a great mapping solution along with a some funny videos on a great video streaming site, then you would be out of luck.