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Your New Complete Guide To Finding Random Webcams – inurl /view/index.shtml

Your New Complete Guide To Finding Random Webcams – inurl /view/index.shtml 11 September, 2013

Find cameras using inurl /view/index.shtml and of course inurl /view/index/shtml

It has been a very long time since we posted any posts about random cams or even any blog posts at all. Luckily for everyone I haven’t forgotten about this site and will be doing a bit of revamping over the next few weeks. Randomly had a look at out Google Webmaster account and noticed that 22000 people were searching for inurl /view/index.shtml. I was quite shocked however I have to put the number of searches down to guys late at night looking for those sneaky “bedroom cams” etc. For example if you just start typing inurl you see the other keywords people are searching for “inurl /view/index.shtml bedroom“.

Are you wondering how many people are searching for that? A quick check on Google Adwords and there is roughly 18000 searches a month!

To get to the point the purpose for writing this article was to give a complete list of keywords and key phrases that you can use either by typing yourself into Google or just clicking on our link! You will find a great older list of our links on our post inurl /view/index.shtml and the previous one again “How To Find Random Cams“.

Here is your list as promised mainly using the “Inurl” for spying, curiosity or if you are just very bored lol.

unprotected webcams - Find them using Google inurl /view/index.shtml and inurl /view/index/shtml

  1. intitle:axis intitle:”video server”
  2. intitle:liveapplet inurl:LvAppl
  3. intitle:”Live View / – AXIS” | inurl:view/view.shtml
  4. intitle:start inurl:cgistart
  5. camera linksys inurl:main.cgi
  6. Display Cameras intitle:”Express6 Live Image”
  7. intitle:”active webcam page
  8. intitle:”EvoCam” inurl:”webcam.html”
  9. inurl:LvAppl intitle:liveapplet
  10. intitle:”Live View / – AXIS”
  11. intitle:liveapplet inurl:LvAppl
  12. intitle:”my webcamXP server!” inurl:”:8080″
  13. intitle:”Network Camera” inurl:ViewerFrame
  14. intitle:snc-z20 inurl:home/
  15. intitle:snc-rz30 inurl:home/
  16. intitle:”toshiba network camera – User Login”
  17. intitle:”Live View / – AXIS” | inurl:view/view.shtml
  18. tilt intitle:”Live View / – AXIS” | inurl:view/view.shtml
  19. intitle:”WJ-NT104 Main Page”
  20. inurl:view/view.shtml

Those would be mainly the top 20 that you should use however there is still a whole bunch more don’t worry, and we linked them to Google for you at no extra cost.

-inurl:htm -inurl:html inurl:ViewerFrame



allintitle:Network Camera NetworkCamera

intitle:start inurl:cgistart



Of course you could take the searching out of it and just pop onto our main page Watch This Cam, we stumbled accross this pretty cool You Tube video telling you how to control the videos.

Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to post any of your findings below as if we do deem them relevant we will repost them and actually make a new page for them!

I am sure many of you have landed here either by searching on Google and using the phrase inurl /view/index/shtml and inurl /view/index.shtml and we hope it has helped you find what you are looking for.

Written by,

Stephen Palmer

Watch This Cam Blog Writer