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Best Guide To Buying Your Wireless IP Camera

Best Guide To Buying Your Wireless IP Camera 10 October, 2013

Wireless IP Camear

Your Wireless IP Camera Guide


With so many IP Camera’s out there it can be so hard to find the correct one. Here at Watch This Cam we wanted to set up a head cam which we could go around streaming on a helmet and show the world our staff members lives! However this proved a lot more challenging than we first thought. A quick search on Amazon for “IP camera” or “Wireless IP Camera” and we found 24,367 results!

So the main reason for this article was to share our finding so you don’t have to and ideally save you some money/time in the long run. So if you are looking for a outdoor wireless IP camera, the best wireless IP camera or just trying looking to buy the best IP camera then this guide is for you.

What a wireless IP camera should look like!
What a wireless IP camera should look like, unfortunatly this is not the case.

You Main Wireless IP Camera Options

Yes it is unfortunate that the reality is most of these IP cameras are chunky, take ages to set up and cost lots of money! Here we have spent thousands of dollars finding the right one and still haven’t found the “one” however we are getting close. What has become ever so popular in recent times is the ability to view these cameras on your smartphone or tablet, which is quite cool. You can remotely log in anywhere and see what is happening. However if you have been to our main page you will see how many people do not change the default password in fact they have zero encryption at all! Which is why we have found over 400 cameras quite easily on

Without going to much of track here is our top 3 cameras that we have personally used, tested and actually work! In no particular order.

1)Wireless IP Camera With Remote Pan & Tilt

Its real name is TENVIS JPT3815W Wireless IP Pan/Tilt/ Night Vision  (Not the best name we have ever seen lol)

You can pick up this bad boy up on Amazon for between $50 – $60 and despite its chunky look actually works so much better than the others we have tested.


  • Brand New and More User Friendly UI
  • Pan/Tilt: Horizontal 340°, Vertical 90° (Stainless Steel Bearings);
  • Power Adapter Cord Extended to 5ft
  • Enhanced WiFi Signal Reception, WiFi IEEE 802.11b/gg
  • Enhanced Camera Shell Rigidity


It also has a microphone which is very handy, almost as useful as the night vision which is great fun if you can hook it up to a portable power source.

2)Foscam FI8907W Network/IP Camera with 8 Meter Night Vision and 3.6mm Lens (60° Viewing Angle) – White

Again not the most attractive name. 🙂

Prices are slightly more but you also get so much more such as  8 meter night vision! Its crazy you point this thing into the dark and you will be amazed how far you can see! Prices start from $65 – $99! We bought ours through Amazon and only cost us $60 at the time! Quite cheap for this camera if you ask me.

This camera is indeed made in China, but it works well, so who cares where it’s made.
Setup is really easy.
1. Install the included IP Camera Tool on your PC (on the included CD ROM)
2. Connect the power cable, connect the included LAN cable to your router and camera
3. The IP Camera tool app will automatically find the camera, double click
4. Login after Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome automatically launches

This makes for a great security camera as its shape allows you to stick, screw or nail it in wherever you feel like.

Give you an idea of how to set up an IP camera


3)Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera $150(****Best Buy IP Camera)

Yes we did indeed save the best for last! This camera has great reviews when we first bought it we were expecting a lot and it actually blew us away! Image quality is great, everything is great! Obviously the only downside is the price which is a little expensive but totally worth it. Open the box and remove the camera. Connect to your Wi-Fi network via your computer. Name your camera and create an account. You’re ready to stream! (Excuse all of the !’s)

There is tons of reviews for this on Amazon and we know why, its great!

Dropcam is a cloud-based Wi-Fi video monitoring service that helps you stay connected to places, people and pets. Receive activity alerts on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Add optional Cloud Video Recording (CVR) to access video from the past week or month.

  • easy to setup (5 minutes of work)
  • can view online or via android/iphone
  •  can share your camera with friends securely
  • motion tags allow you to jump to interesting sections
  • no need for special software or a PC running to capture all the data
  • surprised by 2 way audio feature. Fun to use while you are away.

– monthly dvr pricing for saved streams (free if you just want live views)


So there you have it a list of our top 3 live wireless ip camera’s. We hope you have found these reviews useful as unforntunatly the market is saturated with confusing, hard to read information. We just wanted to make it a bit clearer and hopefully you will your perfect wireless ip camera. 

Thanks for reading please comment,

The Watch This Cam Team

Written by,

Stephen Palmer