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Forget Trying To Find Unprotected Webcams – We Found Them For You

Forget Trying To Find Unprotected Webcams – We Found Them For You 1 November, 2013

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Unprotected Webcams – inurl /view/index.shtml

Everyone who comes to our site trying to find out how to find random random webcams, however we decided to write a blog post where they don’t need to!

Why you ask?

Well we have found them for you! 🙂

Say, you are working and falling asleep at your desk. And everybody can be a witness of that. It is possible when your boss has installed a control-, security-, safety- or other kind of webcam.

Many cams show traffic, areas in or around factories and offices or are used to control the security. Often people can be seen. It can be questioned or the cam owners are aware to be visible worldwide. You can select the webcams placed in various nations. Click at the image and you see the live feed that supplies information from the place.

Most people arrive on our site via our blog and don’t realize we have an entire other section to the website which includes over 400+ webcams from around the world!

This was the backbone of our site in fact we never used to have this blog when we first started the website. Below is a list of some of the cams on our main site Watch This Cam

You can find open webcams with a whole bunch of key phrases. We just simply copied the image source code into our page! (To much info?) Easy! Unfortunately our amazing website does not work in Internet Explorer! Well technically it does however the camera’s just don’t stream! But sure no one used IE anymore so we are not to worried! If you are currently reading this in IE, then apologies but you need to change browsers!

The best part is we made it so easy to browse these cams you just click on the cam and a random JavaScript page! Simple like Meerkat! (Sorry we have been watching the ads recently :D)

Please note some will be offline! For example if they are plugged into a computer and they get powered down. But all you have to do is click the cam and it opens another one! Yay

We could list unprotected webcams all day! But we will let you guys find some interested stuff. Be sure to comment below with any of your findings!


Also go find your self some unprotected webcams! 🙂 

Written by,

Stephen Palmer