7 reasons to join AA Ireland

It has been a long time since we have posted on our blog, in fact we have decided to branch out and discuss what matters, seeing as the founder of this site is from Ireland we are going to write a few articles this month regarding some savings and general discounts that you should be aware of in Ireland.

Our first topic is AA Ireland, not only are they covering motor recovery but now they are doing home insurance, travel nearly every type of insurance possible. So we decided to make a short list of 7 reasons to join AA Ireland. These are only our personal views if you do not agree with them.. well sorry 🙂


  • Rewards – You get superb breakdown cover etc with  AA but what we really liked was the rewards which included – AA Fuel Card, hotel savings, car rental discounts and many more.



  • Unique Rescue Services – 24 hour free phone assistance when you need it!  Not only that but available 365 days a year!



  • Free IPhone App – Not a deal breaker but nice addition



  • Combining your roadside rescue with AA’s insurance gives you additional discounts.



  • Recovery in UK as well as Ireland *on certain packages.



  • Car park discounts



  • Free battery check



There you have it, there are a still a lot more reasons but we felt they were the ones that stood out to us.
Remember it could happen to you! The vast majority of people who don’t have any road side cover regret if they ever break down!
Join AA Ireland and get quality peace of mind!!!